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You’re an experienced home buyer, but now you’re thinking about refinancing your existing mortgage. Changing the structure of your personal finances can be a stressful, yet possibly rewarding experience.

Speaking with an Edgeview Mortgage broker can clear up the confusion that comes with home loan refinancing. If you feel that the loan you applied for doesn’t fit your current needs, then switch to a loan that does today with our help. Save yourself money with the possibility of refinancing. It’s not always about getting a lower interest rate – an Edgeview Mortgage broker can help guide you to the important features of refinancing and possibly save you thousands of dollars.

Refinancing your existing mortgage may be a great way to lower your interest rate, access your equity, consolidate your debt, or lower your payments. Get the confirmation and confidence you need to move forward by checking out the articles in our Learning Centre or get in touch and we’ll help you compare refinancing options.

Plus, we’ll shop from a huge pool of lenders and lending products to help find you the best rates. We’ll also help you understand the differences and provide you with the best option tailored to you.

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“We felt very confident in using Dan to help us get the best home loan to suit our needs. We now have him helping our children with their loans. Dan keeps the process easy to understand and always has time for us.”

Bryan and Mia

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